Best Facial Hair Removal Methods for Women

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I am going to discuss some of the best facial hair removal methods for women. Our face is the first body part which is noticed by others that’s how facial hair becomes a major problem for women. In some cases, facial hairs are so visible & noticeable, that it decreases our self-confidence. We should include facial hair removal in a personal grooming routine. We should know the most suitable hair removal method for our skin type so that it doesn’t harm the skin. So let’s discuss the best facial hair removal method for women.

1. Waxing

Waxing is the most effective and commonly used method. Because It pulls out hair from the root so it takes generally 7 to 8 days ( differ with the hair density & thickness) to grow your hair again. There are different types of waxing used by people. But when it comes to our facial hair, it becomes our responsibility to select more gentle products for our face. You can use hot wax, cold wax, & cold wax strips as per your choice and skin type.

2. Threading

Threading is also a commonly used and effective method of hair removal. Mainly upper lips and eyebrows hair can be removed by threading. We can not thread our whole face because it can harm the chick area as that skin is softer than another area of the face. Threading also pulls out hair from the root. It grows hairs again after 9 to 10 days ( differ with a thickness of the hair). If someone has negligible, hair upon chicks so you can go for threading your eyebrows, upper lips, & forehead hairs.

3. Razor & Trimmers

Razor and trimmers are used by those who want to remove their hairs instantly. It does not take out hair from the root, it just takes out the hairs from the surface of your skin. It also removes dead skin with the hairs. There are many electric trimmers available in the market. You can choose the products as per your convenience. To grow your hair again it takes 4-5 days ( differ with the thickness of the hair). You can use after hair removal cream for delaying the process of regrowth.

4. Facial Hair Removal Cream

Facial hair removal creams are available in the market which works in the same way as other body hair removal creams do. It also removes hair from the surface of the skin. But I must say that you should be very careful while choosing a facial hair removal cream because hair removal cream has some harmful chemicals that can harm your face badly. Before testing any cream on the face you should test on your hand first. It takes 4 to 5 days to regrow your hair.

5. Laser

The laser is the most effective & little bit expensive way of hair removal. Laser damage the hair growth cell of a body part. After taking the full course of laser treatment, hair can be removed permanently. You can take treatment by the parlor or you can buy any laser machine from the market.

6. Epilators

Epilators are used for instant result by the women. Some epilators pull hairs from the root where some remove only from the surface of the skin. Whenever your hair pulls out from the root you will feel pain. So it’s up to you which epilator you want to use painless or painful. But painless epilator regrows your hair soon as a comparison to painful epilator.

7. Tweezer

Tweezer pulls out your hair from the root. But it takes time in the removal of facial hair. It’s only suitable for eyebrows and upper lips. You can not remove hair from the whole face. It needs finishing if you want a perfect result. But it is useful and it should be in our grooming bag because sometimes it happens when some hairs are not removed after waxing or any other method of removal. So for giving a perfect result it is needed.

I am giving preference below and featuring some points for your help. So that you could go for the best hair removal method.

Regrowth of hairs (May differ with the thickness of hair)Worth for money
1.Laser Permanently
2.WaxingRoot 7-8 daysNormal rates
3.Razor & TrimmorsSurfece of the skin 4-5 daysNormal rates
4.EpilatorsMostly from root 7-8 dayslittile bit expensive
5.ThreadingRoot 9-10 daysCheap
6.Facial hair removal creamSurface of the skin 3-4 daysNormal rates
7.TweezerRoot 9-10 dayscheap

Before applying any method of hair removal please read all instructions and check nicely. Face skin is more sensitive than other body parts.

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