Strong Immune System

1. What is the Immune System?

The immune system is a protection function of our bodies. Which protects the body against diseases. This works like an antivirus program of a computer. But to get it to work properly we need to make it strong. As weak functionality of antivirus leads to enter diseases into our body in the manner of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Now the question must be striking into your mind that how we can build a strong immune system.

2. How to make the immune system strong?

We can make our immune system strong in a very easy manner. Before we discuss that you should know about one thing that to achieve something first and foremost requirement is to make your mind to think in that way. You have to stay positive, and you have to believe in that.

So there are two solutions to this problem. First by consuming some food or add some healthy ingredients to your food and the second one is adopting some healthy habits in your daily routine. We can have supplements as immunity boosters. For this, you can check my immunity boosters post where I have reviewed many immunity boosters for adults and kids as well. So we will explore it one after another.

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a. Foods & Ingredients to strengthen the immune system:-

  • BANANA:-
    • Banana is the fruit that includes so many nutrition in it. It’s full of potassium, vitamins, fiber, and many more. It includes electrolytes and minerals which boost immunity in the body. But there is one thing to keep in mind that we should not eat it at night. Because It will lead to cold & cough into our body which is not at all good for our immune system.
  • VITAMIN “C”:-
    • We should include vitamin c comprising food into our daily nutrition such as orange, papaya, lemon, kiwi, strawberry, broccoli, tomato, potato. It will surely boost our immune system.
    • We should include protein food in our breakfast and lunch. Such as curd, milk, rice, whole grain bread, eggs, nuts, burley, nut butter, soya chunks, etc. But curd should not be eaten at night like a banana.
    • Everybody knows about the richness of almonds in nutrition. This single dry fruit contains protein, vitamin E, Fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and riboflavin We should consume it in any of the ways and include it in our daily nutrition.
    • Spinach is full of iron. It comprises so many goodnesses in it. We should consume it to make our immune system strong.
    • Green tea is a great source of vitamins A, B, C, D. It helps in making our immunity strong. We can have it once in a day or as per the choice.
    • In literature, it is documented that it has many health benefits. It has so many benefits to our human body and one of the best benefits is it boosts the immune system. Generally, it is being used in winter and that use is only for to protect our body from cold and giving immunity to the body.
    • Turmeric is the best in its use because we can have it in many ways. A pinch of turmeric can strengthen our immune system. Yes, the benefits of it are proved by the health specialist. The best way of having turmeric is with milk, a glass full of milk and a pinch of turmeric can boost our immune system naturally.

b. Healthy habits to strengthen immunity:-

    • We all have heard this so many times. Why having breakfast is so important? As the name suggests “break”-“fast” which means breaking the fast that we keep after we have our dinner on the previous night. Breakfast boosts our energy instantly which leads to the proper start of our body function and immune system.
    • Obesity leads to a weak immune system because white blood cells are the immunity cells. Because of overweight WBC gets affected as WBC gets trouble in its production. So control your weight to get high immunity.
    • As breakfast boost our energy in the same way exercise boost the working capacity of every single part of the body. There are so many benefits of it many of us already know it. Exercise leads to a healthy body and a healthy body leads to a better immune system.
    • 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for a healthy body and mind. As healthy food is important for the proper functioning of the body in the same way proper sleep is important for a healthy mind. A healthy body plus a healthy mind are equal to a strong immune system.
    • It is proved that access to alcohol and the habit of smoking can damage your body badly. It leads to cancer, throat diseases, and many more. But the main reason is that it weakens the immune system so it allows all the diseases to enter into the body and to damage our body anyhow.
    • Stress can harm equally as any diseases can. Stress first weakens our mind than the body and finally the immune system .we all must be having the idea of how stress harm the body so stay happy and optimistic always.
    • Every day 15 minutes in the sun can empower the immune system. Vitamin D is the direct attribute to a strong immune system. This is the easiest way for making g our immune system strong.

So this is all the easy methods we can follow to make a strong immune system. The healthy body always have plus point to get the success that it can work a lot it can think in a proper way it can make ways to get out of problems. So please stay healthy and stay positive.


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